Con Huevos
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An energy that brings joy.

When you grow up seeking joy, it makes sense that you want to find a way to share that joy with as many amigos as possible. Con Huevos! Is our way to welcome you into our world of flavor. 

Our dream was to bring the rich flavors, freshness, and level of service that is found in Mexican culinary culture to America. Con Huevos! Is our love letter to Mexican culture, and our gift to Louisville.

“We do everything, everyday, completely from scratch. When we say ‘fresh’, we mean; Sí! Very fresh!”

Jesus Martinez, Owner

Introduce your amigos to live life Con Huevos!

When you arrive at Con Huevos!, you’ll be greeted with a smile (and hopefully soon a hug). Con Huevos! is for everyone, so gather your compadres and let us show you how to live your life Con Huevos!